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Good tribute to old school RPGs SNES era. Definitely one of the better RPGs out there.


Old school rpg. Love it. Not many of this quality out there. A must have for any turn based rpg fans out there!

Very good

Its like FF... but better! The game is pretty balanced (no impossible enemies) Gold isnt an extreme chore to get Story is interesting Graphics are worthy of a JRPG Many hours of fun!!! Nao.... go buy it!!!! :)


Im a fan of the genre. But I couldnt score this game any higher due to the lack of strategy needed to play this game. Im well past the half way point and every battle (even boss battles) thus far can be completed just by selecting the "AUTO" option. There needs to be more balance.

Solid attempt, too easy though

The game has decent production value and length for a phone game, but it suffers from a painfully derivative story as well as from a battle system that is mind-numbingly easy. Its a shame too, as therere some good ideas in here thatre trying to poke through that could have made the battle engine engaging and they just get get buried under how unnecessary anything other than auto-battle is completely unnecessary. My characters were still wearing the first armors obtained in the game about 20 hours in (6 dungeons or so later), and were in no danger of hurt whatsoever. Despite these flaws, for what its worth, the game is fun if youre Jonesing for a brainless activity devoid of challenge.

Retro but easy

Nice retro rpg like I love!!! But its really too easy :(

This game is pretty solid!!

Yes its true the first 3/4 of the game can be easily dealt with with Auto-Battle, but once you get into the optional quests fof the Strongest Weapons, the game takes quite a leap of difficulty. The optional not so secret boss has yet to be defeated. After a long and painful 30ish minutes, he always manages to kill me. Im level 95 with max elements and best gear. This game is pretty long with over 30 hours of gameplay with everything optional completed. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for RPG fans

Not shabby

A tad bit easy but a solid game.


Could have been a good game, but I hate labyrinths and turning in circle, and its all this game is about.

Good - No Support.

No support for the App. Posted review below Early 2012. And many review sites complain about the difficulty but these guys take your money and dont care. A shame. Seems polished. I Iike it. Need to be a Universal app tho. With iCloud support at very least for same save on iPhone and iPad even if you decide not to refresh the graphics. This is a time consuming game. Not a fan of random battles, but they are spaced enough that they dont seem to be a bother with exploring. Difficulty could definitely be higher. Did a massive tower that took a couple hours only to beat the boss in 20 seconds. Some balancing would help too. Physical attacks are too powerful with respect to magic etc. But I am enjoying this game. 16 hours in so far. Engaging story.


Just simple oldfashioned RPG i like it...


Coming from the standpoint of a retro rpg background, I must say this is the sort of title the iPhone was meant for. Too often these games are "kill 5 rodents" quest games and that is awful. This is a storyline driven anime with turn base rpg flavor. A must have title and I wish namco would read this review because a Tales game would rule the app store on iPhone or iPad.

Slightly Better Than SoE

Okay, the gameplay here is fun but it is not as great in what you are able to control. This game is less of a challenge than RPG - Symphony of Eternity. The screen on here is much better. The controls here are slightly better. The characters here in this game allows you to control 6 of them, with 4 in battle while 2 can be swapped in outside of battle. RPG - SoE has only 3 characters to fight with. Theres no specific class system here in Alphadia but SoE offers the tablet system which is similar to class systems. Alphadia got me about 11-12 hours of gameplay, not 30+ hours. The plot of the Alphadia is nice, still a bit clichéd but SoE offers similar typical RPG storylines. Both RPG Alphadia and RPG SoE have gotten me about 11+ hours of gameplay (separately), not done with SoE yet either. TLDR; Get this game for better controls, good interface screen, and simplicity. Get RPG - SoE for a better challenge and use of a class system.


Pros: Responsive touchscreen, it reminds you of final fantasy back in the days, but thats about it? Cons: Bad storyline, ugly graphics, this game should be 99 cents, no way even worth $2.99 or at their so called full price, whats up with going through all the towers? cant you make something else? Graphics 2/5 Storyline 2/5 Gameplay 2/5 Music 2/5 Replayability 0/5

Marvelous RPG!

This is a breath of fresh air for nostalgic RPG gamers. It reminds me of the good ole days when gameboys and nintendo 64s ruled. Ill admit, due to the negative reviews, I was skeptical about making this purchase, but all skepticisms quickly faded within the first minutes. I was pleasantly surprised by the easy yet enjoyable gameplay. Storyline is rather interesting and I have been playing for 2 hours straight! Love this RPG! And if you love role playing games Im sure youll enjoy this app! Get it while its still half off!


In that tower with sun moon n stars I got the star piece but doors wont open please explain or update

Not great but probly the best turn based jrpg

Its not mind blowingly deep storywise and isnt revolutionary in any way. But for people that have been wanting say another snes jrpg to play this is pretty much it. 2.99 is a fair price the story is nothing new but still good, the characters are fresh. The controls are good, nice snes like graphics and music. Turn based fighting makes it feel like a real rpg- not like Zenonia and all its clones that barely even feels like an rpg. I recommend it to someone looking for a new jrpg style game and sick of Zenonia clones...


Dude... Breath of Fire


So far, Ive enjoyed it. Reminds me of the good old game boy games. The graphics are pretty good as well. My only complaints are 1) the very easy battles and 2) the sprites nonstop running. Overall its a good game, not quite 5 stars, but its definitely worth playing. Hope theres a sequel!

Stick to symphony of eternity

Battles are far too easy (with very few exceptions, you can just hit autoatttack and kill the bosses with no problem), the lack of a dungeon map like SoE has makes finding your way around frustrating, especially with the trapdoor puzzles, and the random encounters occur much too often. Also, the heartrending ending costs the game a star—it would have been so easy to write a happier ending! Im trying not to include spoilers, but really, none of the previous tragic scenes compare to the last one :(. One last thing...the post-game bonus is pretty lame.

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